Offshore Transshipment, Mocimboa Da Praia, Mozambique (2008)

Instant Ports Services

Instant Ports primary focus is on delivering project cargo to remote locations with little or non-existent infrastructure. With a broad range of assets and experienced personnel, Instant Ports is not your standard logistics company. Project Services include:

Beach and Site Survey

The initial step in every project. Several locations are scouted to determine the most suitable location for a beach approach with considerations to tidal fluctuations, ground stability and intended barge/ vessel drafts. The surveys detail many local factors such as beach gradient, tidal flow and local population density.

Project Management and Engineering

The advantage of having a small team of professionals dedicated to a project gives us the flexibility and ability to make decisions on site to keep a project moving forward on track.

Carefully planning every step of the logistics process is the key and having the experienced skill sets of personnel involved at the right tasks keeps our forward thinking approach leaps ahead of our competition.

Instant Ports Inc can draw on the resources and broad skill sets of personnel from our parent companies to provide skills such as naval architectural drawings and calculations, load planners, heavy lift superintendents and every conceivable job title in between.

Handling of local permissions for temporary environmentally friendly beachhead construction

Gaining local and government approval to access and land heavy machinery in remote is often fraught with controversy because of the potential environmental impact that can be left in the wake.

With our methodology, remote pristine locations are left undisturbed and Instant Ports Inc takes our environmental commitments very seriously. In fact, we have developed a proven strategy to land the heaviest of cargos on the remotest of beaches leaving “zero impact”. That is, no need for concrete and steel construction.

On completion of the temporary beach head construction the natural beach environment will be returned within one to two high tides. Any remnant of our presence will have been completely erased.

The “zero impact” policy we have developed allows us to easily bring local officials and residents onboard and decrease the “red tape” that is common in delaying projects.

Perhaps the best example of this is a 280t crawler crane that was successfully salvaged off a beach directly in front of an eco lodge resort area in Mozambique, this in an extremely difficult to operate area where the sea state and currents required the know how and foresight that only experience can provide.

Bathymetric & Geotechnical Surveys

Instant Ports use modern multi band sonar technology to acquire the digital profile of the sea floor or riverbed at, and surrounding the proposed landing site.

Marine approaches that are often not available on admiralty charts can be precisely mapped.

A detailed understanding of the landing site and marine approaches forms an important part of the planning for landing cargo ashore. This mitigates any risk potential for unforeseen and costly logistics solutions. Utilizing in-house resources, we offer the technical and cross-functional expertise to undertake essential sea floor studies, reducing project risk and helping produce more reliable project outcomes.

Where necessary, the ability to easily mobilize mobile drilling rigs to core sample and survey ground stability of proposed landing sites offer a huge advantage.

Our experienced Geotechnical Surveyors can then arm us with the knowledge in fully understanding a potential landing site, lay down area and potential hazards such as ground strength in determining an areas project suitability.

Delivery of heavy lift and out of gauge cargo

With the experience of our partners, Instant Ports Inc has an impressive resume in delivering heavy, out of gauge cargos into the most difficult of situations on a turn key basis.

Carefully planned and initiated project management is backed by a large fleet of assets both land and sea based and a select team of project personnel.

The ability to provide turn key solutions in a challenging environment

Instant Ports Inc understand the pressures and complexities of managing each subcontractor independently and ensuring they collaborate in the best interest of a project.

Our parent companies, Comarco and Thorco Shipping have formed the Instant Ports Inc partnership to remove the guesswork from contracting several companies.

Our cohesive, time proven relationship provides the strength, knowledge and resources, not only to provide complete confidence in our abilities but also work within the project budget constraints.

Instant Ports Inc can deliver any cargo, anywhere within budget!