Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ)

Continuing the approach of our parent companies, health, safety and preserving the environment is at the heart of all our operations and we are committed to an incident-free workplace.

Holding regular “tool box talks” and adopting a safety culture to continually increase safety and minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.

Temporary beachheads are constructed using locally available materials placing zero environmental footprint wherever Instant Ports Inc operate.

Effective health, safety and environmental leadership are essential in every project and reinforced from senior management down to locally inducted workers on the ground.

Instant Ports Inc will always communicate openly on HSEQ issues and incidents with our parent companies and share with them our experience and knowledge of successful HSEQ initiatives.

Ultimately, our intention is mitigate dangerous activities and environmental damage by documenting and disseminating lessons learned.

A senior HSE officer reviews company policies and procedures at group level annually.

Instant Ports Inc maintains assessment, self-evaluation and audit programs to monitor the group compliance to the ISO standard.

Local Legislation Compliance

The company group standards will comply with all applicable local laws and regulations in the countries where we operate.

Risk Management

Instant Port Inc strive to mitigate the impact of any foreseeable hazards, which may endanger health, safety and the environment. This is achieved through formal risk assessments, hazard observation cards and implementation of Company Policies and Procedures.

Background / History

Instant Ports came into being with a “meeting of minds” between the company Executive Directors of Thorco Shipping and Consolidated Marine Contractors (COMARCO) who had a time tested, trusted working relationship.

Since 2003, Thorco and COMARCO have collaborated on many projects where cargo had been delivered by Thorco to a transshipment location offshore. COMARCO would then deliver the cargo to dumb barges before landing it ashore over a beach landing or (RDB) Rapidly Deployable Beachhead.

As oil, gas and mining exploration consistently moves into more difficult to explore worldwide locations “the vision” was a perfect harmonious partnership to fill a void in the project market.


A company that could offer complete service solutions to plan, load, transship and deliver cargo over a quickly constructed, environmentally friendly RDB in any environment.

Taking the strength, know how and experience of COMARCO’s 40 plus year history of establishing remote beach landing solutions and combining it with the might of the 120 plus multi purpose geared vessels of the Thorco Shipping fleet demonstrates the commitment, technical expertise and support available.

Instant Ports Inc provides “out of the box thinking” with the credentials, support, assets and experience to deliver on a promise.