Anadarko Rig Move – Mozambique 2014

About Instant Ports Inc


Instant Ports Inc’s focus is to service the niche sector of oil, gas, energy and exploration companies that require quick-established, eco friendly beach landing sites, thus enabling delivery of cargo from anywhere in the world to specific remote locations, whatever the conditions.

Born out of a long established relationship between Thorco Shipping and Comarco (Consolidated Marine Contractors), Instant Ports' vision is to combine each partner’s strengths to offer clients a “one stop shop” solution in providing expertise in remote site, beach landing, heavy lift and transportation from conventional ports to the back of beyond delivery of any cargo along remote rivers or exposed beaches.

Instant Ports has the unfledged support of its shareholder companies and has access to a huge quantity of land and sea based assets.

Mitigated Risk Solutions

With access to a large and growing variety of assets. Instant Ports strategy is the unparalleled ability to offer well planned, budgeted, mitigated risk solutions.

Instant Ports Inc is completely geared towards providing innovative, "out of the box thinking" and perfect working solutions no matter how difficult the environment.

On the back of the company founders' impressive track record that has delivered more that 6.5 million shipping tons of cargo up uncharted rivers, across remote beaches, and via offshore trans-shipment, Instant Ports offers solutions that are tried and tested allowing us to fulfill promised timelines and budgets.



Our refined and flexible business model allows our designated, motivated, dedicated and experienced team to deploy to any area of the world when needed.

Instant Ports employs personnel with vast knowledge and experience in worldwide remote projects. In particular, people with oil and gas exploration, logistics, temporary site erection and offshore transshipment backgrounds.

Instant Ports employs personnel with a wide variety of skill sets. It is not uncommon for the Offshore Superintendent to survey the anchorage and alternative beach landing sites months before an operation, compiling a feasibility study, procedures and list of assets required to allow for a seamless operation of moving ANY cargo from anchorage to final shore side location.

Our solutions are well thought out, calculated and documented to provide our clients with the confidence they need prior to mobilizing into hostile or exposed environments.